Month: June 2016

Wedding Bells are Ringing

Don’t you just love a good Wedding, if it will ever stop raining long enough for the photos!  Sometimes I think maybe an out of season Wedding is the better option, no expectations for beautiful weather equals no disappointment.   I’ve been down the aisle twice (well only technically the first time, second was in a Registry Office), one was a Summer Wedding and the other in Winter.   Continue reading →

Festival Fever

Have you been to your first festival of the year yet?  Or have you got one of the most coveted tickets of 2016 for Glastonbury? The big one opens it’s gates tomorrow!  Which is your favourite Festival – quirky & laid back Latitude, seriously hip Lovebox or down & thumping Reading?  Whatever your taste in music we have definitely got it covered in the UK and I think we’ve got the event set-up nailed.  I’ve never been to a Festival anywhere else in the World but I do think the UK event organisors have definitely learnt and improved immensely over the years.  So what do you wear?

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Bags with Room for Toddler Essentials

It’s time for me to buy a new bag – goodbye to the baby changing bag and the buggy storage compartment. The only stipulation for my new bag was to be of a suitable size for days out with my toddler. My colleagues helped me go through the selection of bags available and we had a difference of opinions on what size of bag was needed for an ordinary day out.

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Octor Who

My 6 year old son has recently become obsessed with Doctor Who since watching re-runs of the Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant era. Therefore, I was pleased to stumble across the Weird Fish ‘Octor’ Who T-Shirt when updating the website.  I am a fan of the quirky style of the artist Rich Skipworth and how he is able to take something so iconic and put a twist on it. He certainly hasn’t failed with the ‘Octor Who’ T-Shirt by replacing the Time Lord with an octopus.

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Barefoot Blogger

Maybe it’s a bit dull in your neck of the woods today but I can cheer you up with thoughts of shimmering sandy beaches, cool white surf, cloudless azure blue skies, exotic cocktails and all kinds of fun in the sun!  I have to say one of my greatest Summer pleasures is going barefoot – no more socks or tights just slip into flip flops for perfectly relaxed feet.

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Euro 2016

This is the main event in the footballing calendar this year – UEFA Euro 2016 starting 10th June to 10th July. With France the host, all over Europe fans have started the countdown to this truly spectacular tournament. With 24 countries taking part every match should prove to be full of excitement and anticipation.

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Blogging or Jogging?

So that is the question, are you a blogger or a jogger?

What do you do with your spare hours? Admittedly if, like me, you work full-time those spare hours here and there during your working week are very precious. A good few are taken at rest, sleeping that is, we all need to recharge our batteries with enough shut-eye, but what do we do to fill the rest of the gaps in 24/7?

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