Bags with Room for Toddler Essentials

It’s time for me to buy a new bag – goodbye to the baby changing bag and the buggy storage compartment. The only stipulation for my new bag was to be of a suitable size for days out with my toddler. My colleagues helped me go through the selection of bags available and we had a difference of opinions on what size of bag was needed for an ordinary day out.

I was opting for a backpack while they preferred the Herschel Market Tote bags. Although, I’m a fan of tote bags, I was baffled by how it would be able to store all of the essentials needed for a day trip. Then the realisation came that, before having a child, I would have packed very little for days out too. However, this is no longer the case.

Take a typical summer’s day out to the Zoo with my munchkin, here’s the list of essentials I’d be packing:-

  • Pack of tissues & wet wipes
  • Anti bacterial hand gel  – never trust public loos
  • Cbeebies Magazine with a pack of crayons – to keep him amused on the journey
  • Story books – for the journey & to keep him seated through lunchtime
  • Cuddly toy – every adventure has to be shared
  • Some small plastic toys – To be held back in reserve for emergency amusement situations (i.e. once he’s been through everything else)
  • Sun cream
  • Small bottle of water – To clean up scratches and scrapes and also deals with anything unpleasant he might step in
  • Mini first aid kit – To deal with the scratches and scrapes
  • Change of clothes – we have passed the nappy stage but he’ll still get caught short or fall in muddy puddles on a regular basis
  • Carrier bags for dirty clothes
  • Drinks
  • Plenty of snacks – For energy boosts throughout the day (me & him) and prevent him from getting so hungry before lunch that he becomes Mr. Angry.  I always keep some back for journey home for same reason
  • Picnic lunch – I can’t cope with the long queues & inflated prices
  • Print out of directions – Google maps is next to useless when in the wilds of the countryside without any signal
  • Fast track tickets – To beat the queues and avoid whinging at the entrance by one very excited child who is anxious to see the animals
  • Souvenirs
  • unfortunately the only exit is via the gift shop, by then I will not have the willpower to resist his pleading.

    Animal Beau

Prior to having kids, the only things I probably would have packed were keys, phone, purse, sun glasses, paperback book and a bottle of water so like my colleagues said, a tote bag would have ample space.

I love the range of choice from Herschel, Eastpak and Animal backpacks and each would have comfortably held all of my essentials.

However, I have opted for the Animal Beau with it’s beautiful floral print, comfortable padded shoulder straps and the compartments within the front pocket are very useful. Also, there is the draw of the 2 year guarantee to withstand the wear and tear of my active lifestyle.  I’ll let you know how it holds up on our next trip out.