Blogging or Jogging?

So that is the question, are you a blogger or a jogger?

What do you do with your spare hours? Admittedly if, like me, you work full-time those spare hours here and there during your working week are very precious. A good few are taken at rest, sleeping that is, we all need to recharge our batteries with enough shut-eye, but what do we do to fill the rest of the gaps in 24/7?

To me it seems that there are two main past-times these days – social media and sports/fitness. There definitely isn’t a day goes by when I don’t check Twitter & Facebook, and every evening I totally unwind by catching up with my turns on various Word games with my mates. I fill the odd 5 minutes when waiting for the bus, waiting for the kettle to boil, waiting for my date (he’s always late) with a quick check through on my phone. It’s what we do. It keeps us in touch with the World and it’s quick to fit into our busy lives.

I’m guessing the most popular sports/fitness activities are football, cycling, going to the gym and jogging (well running really but jogging rhymes well with blogging) plus a whole host of other sports. These activities definitely take up more time than Social Media ….. or do they? Most of us find time to do both and if someone asked you “what do you do in your spare time?” we are likely to answer “I’m a jogger” (or whichever sport is your thing) but how much time in a week do you devote to your sport and how much time is spent staring at your phone, tablet or laptop?

I actually did the maths for myself yesterday and … I need some new running shoes!!

Asics Gel Nimbus 16

Salomon Speedcross Vario W



So here’s the question again – are you a blogger or a jogger? And if like me you need to level up the scales between the two you should defo checkout Brandshop’s Sports Department