Octor Who

My 6 year old son has recently become obsessed with Doctor Who since watching re-runs of the Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant era. Therefore, I was pleased to stumble across the Weird Fish ‘Octor’ Who T-Shirt when updating the website.  I am a fan of the quirky style of the artist Rich Skipworth and how he is able to take something so iconic and put a twist on it. He certainly hasn’t failed with the ‘Octor Who’ T-Shirt by replacing the Time Lord with an octopus.

Maybe an Octopus was simply chosen due to the fact that Octopuses have a relatively short life span very much like the Doctor.  However, after buying the T-Shirt for my son, his immediate reaction to it was “Wow! A big mean monster has taken over the Tardis”. He then used his imagination to give the Octopus a name and a list of the characteristics and powers that this villain possesses. The wonders of a child’s mind compared to an adults! Adults are clearly too analytical for their own good!

I’m now curious on what my son would make of Rick Skipworth’s take on the Starship Enterprise with his ‘Shark Trek’ T-Shirt . Unfortunately, this doesn’t come in children sizes but luckily my husband is a Trekkie. Guess what he will be getting for his birthday?