Wedding Bells are Ringing

Don’t you just love a good Wedding, if it will ever stop raining long enough for the photos!  Sometimes I think maybe an out of season Wedding is the better option, no expectations for beautiful weather equals no disappointment.   I’ve been down the aisle twice (well only technically the first time, second was in a Registry Office), one was a Summer Wedding and the other in Winter.  

The Summer was a glorious sunny day but the temperature was through the roof which made for some very red faced & sweaty photos (and that was just me, the bride!)  Whereas my February Wedding was a fresh, bright morning and a very comfortable temperature – more to the point we were very prepared for rain, snow & freezing temperatures therefore we felt extremely blessed with the outcome.  Whatever … from June to September is regarded as the Wedding Season.

How many have you been invited to this year?  I find they usually come in clusters.  Which is fine if there are a completely different set of guests allowing you to wear a lovely outfit more than once but this is rarely the case – which means the cost of attending soon racks up!  For us girls the biggest expense will defo be the outfit (dress, jacket or pashmina, shoes, bag, hat or fascinator) then the present and, if there’s any cash leftover, maybe a new suit, shirt, tie & shoes for him.  But hey it’s all worth it because we all love a good wedding.  Chance to catch up with old friends and distant relatives, eat, drink, dance and celebrate being in love.

Hopefully that’s the happy picture that comes to mind for you too.  Or have you experienced a wedding of feuding & bad feeling or maybe a wedding just full of disasters?  Because there have been some hilarious tales and some horror stories too – I’d love to hear yours.  Drop us a line and we may just publish your Wedding Woes on our Blog.

Back to “what to wear” decisions – there is plenty to choose from on the High St. for girls and guys but I’d like to focus on shoes for men.  Somehow it’s probably at the bottom of the “to buy” list for a Wedding and yet they can make or break the sharpness of your mans appearance.  New shirt, new suit and old worn in shoes?  We know you don’t want blisters from new shoes but you just have to shop smart.  We have some great looking and oh so comfortable styles from Rockport (this company joined forces with Adidas Group in 2006, stands to reason they would have comfort nailed).

Rockport – City Smart Wing Tip, Black

Rockport – Birch Lake Wing Tip, Black

Rockport – Global Road Wingtip, Dark Chocolate

And if you are a man with LARGE feet (to quote Julia Roberts from the film Notting Hill “large feet big ………… shoes”) some of Rockport styles go up to size UK14.

Another brand with the classic styles needed for such a formal occasion is Base London.  Beautiful leathers crafted into elegant styles by this very British company, my husband has been a huge fan since they started in 1995.

There’s an interesting website crammed with useless Wedding stats called The Wedding Secret, it’s a little outdated but a few nuggets you could use as ice-breakers when stuck on a table of strangers – “did you know ……………………  

Base London – Bayham, Tan

Base London, Sew, Black Waxy