Countdown to Schools Out for Summer!

Less than 3 days to Summer break, woohoo!!  Or maybe your school/college has already finished?  Either way Summer is upon us and for once the weather in the UK is playing to seasonal expectations and more!  Have you done all your Summer holiday shopping?  If not there are some terrific bargains in the Sales and now the sun is out the heat is on to get kitted out.

I thought I’d help all you parents with a short list of the things you probably need for your little darlings; that way you can tick off your purchases as you shop.

Holiday essentials:-

  1. T-Shirts
  2. Shorts
  3. Flip Flops  &  Sandals
  4. Trainers
  5. Backpack
  6. Suitcase
  7. Polo shirts
  8. Hoodies
  9. Cap
  10. Sun Cream

Birkenstock – New York, Mocca

Nike – Kids Half Day Backpack, Blue & Orange

Cat Clothing – Caterpillar Kids Tee, Blue








There are lots more things I’m sure you will be packing when you head off to the Summer Sun but I think I’ve covered the basics.  The next items to take are things to keep them amused; their favourite teddy? Yes but try and introduce new games/activities around their holiday experience.  I get that laptops are great for long journeys but maybe put them on a high shelf once you arrive.  One of the best ways to engage your kids on vacation is for them to make a holiday diary or a treasure box – just get them collecting shells, a wild flower, a feather anything to stick in the book (or collect in their Treasure Box) and write (either you or themselves) where they found it.  Restaurant cards are good for sticking in and postcards are cheap souvenirs they can enjoy choosing while you have a good look round the shop.  I also found it was an excellent way to get my boys to pose for photos …. “how about a nice picture for your diary?” would always get a lovely toothy grin.  Have you got any tips on how to keep them occupied?  We would love to hear your suggestions…

It occurs to me that my next blog should be a few hints on Packing … coming soon watch this space!