King & Country – New Hoodies in Town

Have you seen this Brand out there yet?  King & Country is just a whisper at the moment but this could be the new stylish, casual label to sweep the country.  Yes that’s right, to sweep the UK first because it is very much a British brand.  Beautiful hoodies, T shirts, vests, backpacks and so much more to come.  The name and logo shouts out it’s origins with all their retro sports fashion products having a crafted finish in Scotland.

King & Country is bursting onto the fashion scene with their, very much on trend, patriotic name and logo. With great quality soft cotton fabrics and slim, stylish lines tailored for a perfect fit for guys and girls.  In fact the ladies T shirts are probably the best fit on the market this year and we ladies love to wear something that is truly designed for our shape.


King & Country Rival T-Shirt, Surf Blue

The colour range for these T shirts is also bang on trend with either the full logo across the chest or a more discreet version on the left hand side and the vest is classically plain with only a silk label at the hem.


King & Country Rival V T Shirt, Heather Grey


King & Country Ess Strappy Top, Fuschia

Moving on to the Unisex Hoodies that have already been selling well on Brandshop’s website we really couldn’t choose which we liked the best.  The fabric is sooo soft and all the hoods are lined with cream waffle cotton for breathable comfort.

Another wonderful attention to detail are the labels – these are made from silk and attached flat to the garments, thus minimising any possible skin irritation and we give this top marks for such an innovative design feature.

Of course there are several different styles of men’s T shirts too, plus an amazing range of backpacks – we totally recommend you checkout the King & Country Landing Page on  Brandshop’s website  to truly appreciate what they have to offer.


King & Country Rival Pullover Hoody, Dark Grey


King & Country Rival Pullover Hoody, Maroon/sky


King & Country Rival Crest Zip Hoody, Navy/Ecru




King & Country Rival Pullover Hoody, Grey


King & Country Ess Rival Backpack, Coral/Tan